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A Social Shopping eCommerce Platform

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MyKart brings brands and consumers together - in one place, using one checkout - with an eCommerce app that echoes the design and features of top social networking platforms.

Brands build a following and increase sales as consumers scroll through a feed of products from companies they choose to follow.

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Seller’s Account

  • Personalize your store, upload products and start selling within minutes using a MyKart seller’s account.
  • Share new inventory to shoppers’ feeds, where they are just a few clicks away from purchasing your products.
  • Deal directly with customers, as their orders and payments get sent directly to you and your bank account. No middle-man to slow down or complicate the process.
  • Unlike competitors, MyKart simplifies your return on investment with a flat fee system. No more scraping percentages from your sales.

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Customer’s Account

  • Bring your online shopping experience onto one platform.
  • Enjoy MyKart’s simple and attractive features as you scroll through a custom feed of products and brands.
  • Shop from a variety of sellers and companies you choose to follow.
  • Enjoy the convenience of staying on one device. The MyKart app is an all-inclusive shopping experience.

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What MyKart Believes In


MyKart works to ensure that sellers and consumers have a convenient experience, at all times.


MyKart works with brands to ensure a positive experience for all consumers.


MyKart empowers brands to expand their business opportunities.


Sellers and consumers can expect MyKart to be a valuable and helpful resource.

MyKart Seller Tips

Download these MyKart Seller Tips to help optimize your eCommerce offerings now.

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